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A while back I visited a local market.

While checking out the goods I passed a bakery and noticed all the yummy goodness. I couldn't just walk by without getting something. I picked out a couple types of pastries and got a couple of each.

When I got home and relaxed I dove into a pastry. Mmmmmm! Huh? *uck!gag!spit!*

The one particular pastry was made with salt instead of sugar! Tasted second one...salt.
Checked out other type of pastry was ok. Threw out the two salty ones.

Two weeks later I went to the same market and approached the bakery.

BL Bakery lady.

Bl: Good morning, can I get you anything?
Me: Good morning, actually I just wanted to mention that I purchased those pastries 2 weeks ago *points to said pastries* and they were salty.

Bl:*laughs* Yeah, he made a mistake and the ingredients were switched. *giggles* We had lots of complaints over that one.
Me: Yeah, it was kind of a shock. I had to throw them out, so much for that money.

Bl: *more giggles* Yeah, and he still tried to sell them last week. So can I get you anything?
Me: No thank you.

It wasn't like I could demand my money back or a replacement since I threw them out. I just couldn't figure out why they would try to keep selling the bad batch. Idiots!
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