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Ah Timmy...

I love Tim Hortons. Really I do. I stopped there today to get an ice cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich with no meat, as I am a vegetarian. Now, I did the same thing two days ago, and they gave me one with meat on it. Seeing as I was late for work, I couldn't do anything about it (I was already on the freeway when I opened the sandwich). So I threw it away. Today, I was very specific about not having meat on it, and they even asked me twice if I wanted it without meat.

So I get to the window...

Me: (opens sandwich) "This has meat on it." (hands it back)
Tim Hortons Guy: "This has MEAT on it" (said very sarcastically/mocking, and holding up the sandwich high above his head like it's an offering)
Tim Hortons Girl: "Oh, I'll have to make a fresh one."
Me: thinking: "WTF, that one wasn't fresh?"
Tim Hortons Guy: "I dunno why someone would get so upset over food." Keep in mind that I was not overly rude, maybe a little frustrated but definitely not upset.

My sandwich finally gets finished, and he basically throws it at me. I would've talked to a manager, but I was running late for work again today. Oh, and this Tim Hortons ALWAYS seems to take their iced cappuccino machine down at ~10 AM to clean it. Why the fuck can't they do that at night?

Do you guys think I should go in and talk to a manager tonight? Frankly, I feel like I'm due a free breakfast sandwich because I had to throw the one away a few days ago.
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