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Overstock is not the Big O and a bag of chips!

I saw the previous post today about and decided to tell my horror story of when I had to deal with them.

It was mid-June, and was 2 weeks before my husband's birthday. I wanted to buy him the Mezzo region 1 artbox, since we couldn't afford to buy the 'booty box' aka region 2 box, and this was only about $20 from Overstock.

When I went through the checkout system, I clicked the 'expedited shipping' option, so it would hopefully arrive within a week, which would be one week before his birthday. The shipping area showed the price, but the 'click here for Expedited Shipping' banner was still there, so I clicked it a couple more times. There was no change to the price, so I assumed it was Expedited, since it didn't say 'Expedited' or 'Standard' shipping.

I put the order through, and then decided to get on the live chat, less than thirty seconds after I put in my order, to make sure the shipping was indeed Expedited, since I was paying more for shipping than the page said it would cost. Even though I had put my order in less than 30 seconds beforehand, the live chat person said that there was nothing they could do. Wtf?!

So I cried when I got off of the live chat because I was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time. I waited and waited... and finally, on my husband's birthday, two weeks later, I received the package.

However, what I received was not a gorgeous artbox carefully packaged in a larger box with peanuts and bubblewrap, no.. What I received was two pieces posterboard glued together on top of the artbox. That once gorgeous artbox was now a hideous art-pancake. (I seriously want to know what fucking retard would think that an artbox would arrive in halfway decent condition just stuck between two pieces of posterboard. And I'm not kidding when I say that. It wasn't an envelope, it was posterboard.)

I cried and cried, because for the past two years, all the presents I try to get my husband never arrive in time or never arrive in good condition if they get there on time. >.< So, when I was done, I got on the live chat client, and talked to a worker. I was upset, but I was still very civil. I was explaining that I had bought it for my husband's birthday, and that it came crushed because the people they hired to run the warehouse sent it in posterboard, and how they were going to reimburse me for it. I ended up getting booted off with the lady being rather rude to me, and had to get back online.

I told the person I got booted, but I was talking to someone before who wasn't being very friendly, and so they put me back with the rude lady, and then she told me that if I wasn't going to be polite to her, she was going to kick me off. WTF?! I wasn't being rude to her at all, I just wanted them to fix the mistake they made! There were some copies left, and I told her that I wanted one sent to me via FedEx in a box, and she said I could reorder it, but she couldn't send it any better than the one I had had been sent to me.

(PS, I wasn't trying to get something for nothing. I was definately going to send the worthless one I had back, but I wanted to make sure that I'd actually receive the new one in a box.)

I believe I got offline with her, because of how rude she acted to me, and I ended up having my husband call the hotline, and telling them the situation, and how the woman was very rude. So, they said, 'Okay, well, I'll send you a return label, and then you can send in the item, and we'll give you store credit.'

I didn't want to order anything else from them. Especially not another artbox or DVD that would get crushed again! But store credit was the best we could get, even after talking to a supervisor. :/

So, we're told that the label will take 3 days to get EMAILED to us. >.<

I wait a week, and then get on the live chat again. I ask for the return label, and they say that it was never sent for, but that they'll put the request in right away.

I wait another week, and go through the process again.. And again.. and again.. Finally, in the last few days of July, the stupid return label that should only have taken 24 hours was finally in my email box. We print it out and ship the product immediately. The last time I was on the live chat, I asked what was taking so long to get an automatic slip sent to me via email, and they said that the warehouse I ordered from had to look and send the label. Since the return address was not the warehouse I had originally received the artbox from, I call bullshit on that. >.<

I waited two weeks, and didn't hear anything from Overstock. I ended up going into my order status and seeing that it said that it had received the crushed artbox a week before hand and was just sitting on it. I got on the live chat again and told them I wanted my refund now. And, luckily, I got it. :3 After having dealt with them for three months with nothing but back and forth bullshit, we FINALLY got our store credit refund!


But, that still wasn't the end of it... >.<

They had apparently put a note on our account to overcharge us on standard shipping by $3. >.< I'm fucking serious. The shipping on one disk was supposed to be $1.25, and they were charging us about $3.50. I had already put it on order, because I knew that the shipping was screwy, and I had used my gift certificate.. But it was still trying to charge us the high shipping.

Since I was going to pay by Paypal, I simply closed the window and contacted Overstock on the chat again. They told us that even though the item page says, 'Low shipping of $1.25!!!!' that one particular DVD was considered a media (aka a book) and that's why the shipping was high.. Bullshit again. I logged on as a made up customer and put the DVD in my cart and did a half-checkout, and the shipping was only *gasp!* $1.25...

So I told them that if they were charging me that much they damned well better be shipping it by FedEx Express and it better be here in two days. :/

The order cancelled itself after a couple hours and the customer service chatbot couldn't change the charge amount in Paypal to be the right shipping cost, so we just waited a couple weeks while we were getting settled into college again. October 10th we came back to, ordered a single DVD so that it wouldn't, hopefully, get destroyed, and when we went to pay, we found out that the gift certificate didn't refund itself. GRR!

So we got on the chat one last time, got our certificate refunded to us, and placed our order (now with the appropriate shipping cost). I believe we received our disk about three days before Halloween. @_@

After talking to the Overstock livechat the second time, I figured out that the customer service reps running them are actually not allowed to just type what they want, they are completely scripted, and copy and paste everything that they say. >.< Luckily for me, I often got people who would possibly read what I wrote.

All-in-all, if you value your time and sanity, don't order anything from Or at least, if you use the livechat, just give your order information first to save yourself some hairpulling. -.-;
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