Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

This wasn't really bad, just strange. I've read so many times in customers_suck that cashiers HATE it when a customer puts money or a credit card on the counter. Over the weekend I was at the bookstore and I (trying to be a nice customer) held out my credit card to the cashier so he could take it. As he ran it through I kept my hand out to take it back. When he was done and his hand started handing my card back to me, I moved my open hand towards his hand and my card in a move to take it back from him. Instead of letting me take it from his hand or placing it into my hand, he makes a deft move under my open hand and places my card on the counter. He places it on the counter when I have my hand there ready to take it. Flat credit cards are so much harder to get off the counter than cash so I spent a while just trying to pick it up so I could put it back in my wallet and I was doing this while he was trying to hand me the back with my purchases. It wasn't really sucky at all but it just made me go WTF. Whether a customer or cashier does it, it's kinda rude to place something on the counter or elsewhere when a person has an open hand ready to accept it. :/ The cashier was friendly so it wasn't bad; I just think my brain was too weirded out by the ordeal. :p
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