Mary (horsphreak) wrote in bad_service,

TurboTax Free File- GAAAAHHHH!

I finally finished my taxes using TurboTax free file edition. In order to use this for both state and federal, you have to make under $35,000 a year. I made less than half that and I live in MA. To make a long story short, I attempted to e-file and it's trying to charge me an astronomical preparation fee!

I sent this e-mail through TurboTax's support e-mail:
I am using the "Freedom" edition and I qualify for free filing but the program keeps trying to charge me for e-filing. How do I fix this? I only made $13,000.

My canned response from "Andre G" was:
Dear Mary Riordan,

Thank you for contacting Intuit Tax Products Customer Service & Support.

Prompted for Payment When Using TurboTax Free File

The Tax Freedom site will prompt you for payment if:

You access TurboTax Online from any site other than
You choose to upgrade to any version of TurboTax other than Online Essentials.
You do not meet the TurboTax Free File qualifications.

Gee, that's helpful! I'm going to try the "live chat" tonight, but does anyone know how to fix this?
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