_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This is an oldie, but a...baddie?

Around Christmas, my friend dragged me to Walmart. He was looking for a few things and while walking through their automotive department, fell in love with a fish you attatch to... something on the back of your car. And I guess when you hit the breaks, the fish wiggles. He was in love, and I was less than amused, but finally found something to get him for Christmas. Seeing as I was with him, I couldn't just buy it then. So I came back the next day. When I came in the next day, there were no more left. So I figured, why not ask if they had any in the back? Or if there were some in another place in the store? I know that it is annoying to be asked a million times a day to do a backroom check, I worked at Target... but it was the only thing my friend expressed interest in for a gift. Finally after about a 10 minute search, I found one guy.

Me: Excuse me!
Him: What.
Me: I was wondering if you could help me with...
Him: What is it?
Me: Something in automotive
Him: That isn't my department.

Then he just walks away. Fine, whatever, I don't hold a grudge. So I go back to automotive. The guy is behind the counter. I go up and ask him if automotive isn't his department, if he can get someone else to help me, or if he can just see if they have something in the back.

He says, "I'm busy". AND WALKS AWAY AGAIN. Fine, okay, I'm getting annoyed but I'll try to find someone else. I went up to the service desk and asked them if they could have someone help me. She said she would page the automotive guy to help me look for it. She was very nice, and paged the guy to the service desk. About 5 minutes later, that guy shows up AGAIN. She says, "Hey, guy, can you help this girl find what she wants?"

He begins complaining about how he has to do all this work and that annoying customers keep following him around the store. And how he really didn't want to be there. And he hates looking for stuff. And annoying customers this and that, while glaring at me. And I quote, "Why can't they just fucking look for themselves?"

I just looked at him and at the shocked service desk girl and said, "If it is too much trouble for you to do your job, I'll be leaving now. Thanks for nothing. Oh, and you might want to be less of a jerk off next time".

And that's when he said, "Fuck these bitches, I'm going on break!" and storms off.

I haven't gone back there since then. I ended up going to a bigger Walmart about 10 minutes away to look for the fish, and found it. The guy who helped me there was very nice. Actually, every employee I found was very helpful. But that is for a different community.
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