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Die...but fix my DSL first (+ props)

First off, I appolagize if I miss a few caps in this post. I'm on my mother's computer and only half her keyboard works at any given time...all the spelling/grammerical errors are mine.

That said, onto the

Background (which is much needed)-

We had two phone lines installed (2017 and 2899), one was mum's/main phone line (2017) and one was my DSL/phone line (2899). I never used my phone so it was purely DSL. There is a phone jack in my room that is 2017 and a line going across the house (literally, we kept tripping over it) that was 2899.

Mum decided to can my line (for obvious reasons) and move the DSL over to her line. I agreed to this and on last Friday, Mum called Frontier to get this all done.

The Story-

On Saterday, a repair tech comes out to fix my modem...except my modem has absolutly nothing wrong with it. There's a bit of confusion and he goes back to the office to get the order to change the lines over.

Things go well and he toddles off while I go check he didn't screw up my lifeline AKA DSL. For some reason none of us realize I have DSL while my phone is connected to the jacki in my room (supposidly 2017).

Come bright and early Monday morning, when the lines are supposed to be switched/killed and at 10.34am (I was online at the moment) DSL crashes.

No big I figure, I'll just switch to the phone jack in my room and have DSL on the proper line. modem is connected to the phone jack already. Cue me blinking stupidity before I run to the living room and grab the phone, hauling it into my room and plugging it in.

Bingo. He switched the phone jack from 2017 to 2899.

Okay, we call them up, explain what's going on. we'll have a repair man sometime that day.

I take the day 'off', something I haven't done in a while and simply vedge and make icons.

It's now 7pm repair man. by this time it's dark, he couldn't work even if he did magically show up so I give up and go to bed.

Tuesday morning, mum gets up at 9.30, calls the phone company. they promise a repair man. I go and through the magick of a very, very long phone cord, hook into the kitchen phone jack (2017) and go to re-boot my modem so it registers...

Nothing. we're completly without DSL. since this is a new problem, I call up Frontier, do a little tech support dance, finally find out that NOTHING we asked to get done Friday, was done. The order is completly screwed up and they have to wipe it and re-enter the ticket. So I'm officially without DSL until this coming Friday. I can deal with it...I'm not THAT addicted (lie).

I go to get the newpaper after getting off the phone and find...a 'missed you' note from the repair man. At a time when we were both here, in the living room,near the door. Apparently our repair man has been taking lessons from the UPS man.

Soooo, I call back and they say he will call me, he will show up or they will call me (multple choice?). None of this happens.!

I drag my sick and sleepy rear out of bed and phone them, again. New lady looks into it, and tells me that the supervisor has escalated my ticket (not sure if it's the repair or DSL one...not really caring at this point so long as something gets done, I can live with long cords) so that it MUST be done by noon tomorrow (Thursday).

So far I'm not holding my breath on that.

So after bad service, REALLY bad service, and two very awsome reps who have bent over backwards and sideways to fix their coworker's screw ups...I'm stuck on a broken computer with dial up, hoping that something goes right.

I do have much love for the two reps who had to deal with me today and yesterday (not that I was rude...just really frustrated), because I imagine it can't be easy trying to clean up someone else's mess.

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