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Bad service with Comcast

Correspondence with Comcast:

Initial Complaint:

I have several questions regarding the DVR Service I purchased. Per your website, quoted below:

"It lets you record an entire season in one easy step. With DVR, you set it once, and it remembers to record every episode for you.  "

My DVR will not do this. I have seen the feature at a friend's house. I know where it should be, it's missing from my model of DVR. Why am I not getting this feature?

Additionally, why is the DVR unable to record one show while I watch another? My VCR can do this and it's 20 year old technology.


Thank you for contacting us today.  I can understand your frustration with this issue.  Please call your local customer service at 972-445-5555 to schedule an appointment to get this issue corrected.

1 Week later:

OK, I called this number and set up a ticket as directed. I was given assurances that this issue could be corrected and that someone would be out to fix this issue on the 15th of Feb between 5-8pm.
Since the 9th when I put in this ticket, I have been called no less than 3 times to confirm that my issue was still occurring and that I still needed assistance. Each time I told them that I did, and that they should still come. And each time I was told that my issue could be resolved.
Today I was called by Max (Employee ID XXXX phone number 214-869-XXXX) who told me that this service was not available in my area. When I told him my friend down the street had it, he changed tactics and instead told me that I would need a duel channel DVR box (which I knew from talking to the first rep) and that they did not have any in stock.
Max refused to give me his supervisor's name and number and could not give me an ETA on when they would have more duel channel DVRs in stock to provide me one.
I am now not able to enjoy aspects of your service that were advertised on your website. And I am extremely displeased with the level of service that I have received. I want a call from a supervisor who can assist me with this issue. I want some assurance that my pleas will not go unheard.
As a new customer to your service, I have been unsatisfied from day one.

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