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Rules of the community question

I suppose this is best left to the mods, and since I can't seem to find a ''bad_service_mods'' account, I'm forced to ask here - forgive me.

Now, while this rule is in the Community Information page, nothing is made mention of deleting posts from people that don't agree with you. But I'd think the ''not your private journal'' bit should make that intuitively clear.

Are posters allowed to delete comments left in a thread by people who don't agree with them? I ask because it keeps happening in the post about Lane Bryant pants.

My last post in that thread concerned the deleting of an earlier post right above it, but was deleted. If it was by a mod, then hey, no problem, but I'd like to know why. If it was by the post's creator, I'd like to know if that's allowed. It seems shady.


Now, while this rule is in the Community Information page, nothing is made mention of deleting posts from people that don't agree with you.

ButI'd think the ''not your private journal'' bit should make thatintuitively clear. You admitted that you lied to us in a reply to </a></b></a>kittylair and you keep deleting her original post as well as the reply showing you lied. For shame!

Here'sthe part you keep deleting, and I think I'll be asking the mods abouttheir views on deleting replies as well. You were shady and are angryat being caught in a lie, thus you delete the ''evidence.''

I'm a bit confused.

Most return policies are at the most 90 days and only with a reciept.

Youadmit to having it dry cleaned several times, which means wearing itseveral times over 2-3 months, specially if these are your favoritepants. Which to most would mean used, and used well. Then one day youwake up and decide to read the tag and want to wash them. Your machineeats them up, yum. I'm not seeing what's holding up your agrument. Ifit had happened the first time. Then yes. But what if the dry cleaningweakened the fabric and the machine was the last straw? Or your machineis harsh? Also about the 6 months thing- the pants themselves haveprobably been out for about 6 months. There's too many variables toblame Lane Bryant for a product you damaged yourself.

I haveskirt that says I could wash it and now I have to clip the strings thatcome off it because it was hand wooven and should be hand washed. Icould tell, just like you could, that it required special care.

Itwas $32 dollars and they don't make them anymore or I would just go outand buy another one. But I never thought of returning it because mymachine is rough on fabrics and I wear it every chance I get.

Actually,it has been less than two months and I didn't really get it drycleaned...I just said that in the letter to explain why I hadn't washedthem by the directions before (never dried them until the label said Icould.

Therefore your argument is invalid, though, true enough if I had indeed dry-cleaned them.

And lastly, the issue wasn't with a Lane Bryant product, it was with the people who worked there. READ!

The only difference between my reply that was deleted and the one I just quoted here is that the deleted post lacks the first four scentences that this one has. Here's a screenshot just in case it decides to vanish as well.

Thank you in advance,
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