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First time poster...

So let's talk about Michael's. I got married this last November, and by last summer the wedding preparations were in full swing. My mom and I practically lived at Michael's (God bless their 40% off coupons!), and while their service was always mediocre at best (NEVER enough cashiers, 8 people to a line, you get it), it was never OHMYGODI'MNEVERCOMINGBACKHERE horrible.

Until. My mom and I were there one day and found the cutest hatboxes. You know, those round decorated boxes that women way back when used to store their hats in? Anyway, they exactly matched the colors of my wedding, were a good price, and a perfect size to put all my bridesmaids' gifts in. The thing was, they only had 3 in stock, and I had 6 bridemaids.

So we approach the Customer Service stand, whose light is turned on and there are 2 employees standing there looking through a binder. So we approach, intending to ask if there's possibly anymore of the hatboxes somewhere we hadn't looked, and if not, if another store might have it. We set the 3 hatboxes (from hereon called HBs because I'm sick of typing it out) on the counter of the CS stand. The employees glance up and then look back down at the binder and continue talking. My mom and I stand there for about a minute, clearing our throats and waiting to be acknowledged. Finally, I say 'Would you mind if I asked a question real quick?' The girl doesn't even look up and says, 'Yeah, in a minute.' Screw this, I thought. So I left my mom there, and went and found another employee. After I'd asked her about the possibility of more HBs in the store, she told me she had to go ask someone. Guess who? Yep, she went right back up and asked the girl at the front. Acting as if it were the biggest interuption in history, she narrows her eyes at me and says, 'NO, those are seasonal, if there aren't anymore where you found them, there aren't anymore period. And don't ask about them being in the backroom, because we don't have one of those.' And then she proceeds to look back down at the binder.

So I asked her about the possibility of them being in the next-nearest store, about a 30 minute drive away (a drive I was willing to make, those HBs were perfect!). She shrugs. I asked her if she could possibly call the other store and check before I drove out there. She says, 'Those are assorted HBs, all their SKUs are the same, I couldn't give them the SKU because they wouldn't know what I was talking about.' Ok...then could you maybe describe them to the employees at the other store? They're pretty distinctive, shouldn't be hard to pick out...Once again, 'No, they wouldn't know what I'm talking about.'

Fine. I'll call them myself. So I asked for the other store's number. The response? 'They're listed.' Holy hell. Then do you have a phone book? 'Nope.' Seething, and not believing that I was going to such great lengths for some HBs, I went outside and called 411 on my cell phone (Hello $1.29 charge), got ahold of the other store, and wouldn't you know it, they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about, without even giving them the damn SKU. They tell me they'll put 3 aside for me. I go back in, the CS girl never looks up, and, against my better judgement (I HATED giving them money), I bought the HBs. On my way out, I expressed my displeasure with the service, and mentioned I would be calling the manager. She gives me this smirk and says, 'I am the front-end manager.'

So for the next couple weeks I tried calling and getting ahold of a manager, to no avail. Then I tried to submit a complaint on their online form, which wouldn't submit, the link was broken or something. Finally called their CS number, and all I got was a bored sounding woman who told me she would let the appropriate people know, thank you, goodbye.

And I haven't shopped there since. Anyway, stay tuned for more tales, bad service stalks me through life.
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