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I Listen Well!

My fiance and I have a favorite sub place that we used to go to often, but lately, we haven't been, since they level of service has gone down (the last two times we went there, our sandwiches were made wrong). It all started with this (not horrible customer service, more of a "doh!" moment):

Me=Well, me.
N=Cool manager that has always given us great service

My fiance and I got our subs and sat down to eat. I opened mine up, and discovered it was missing cheese. His was missing the extra beef and bacon he'd asked for. He didn't much care at that point, since we hadn't eaten all day (he's hypoglycemic, and was more concerned about leveling out his sugar and not passing out), but I've never been able to eat a sub without cheese--odd quirk of mine.

Me: (Goes up to the counter) Excuse me, my sub was made wrong.
N: (Calls up NG, who made the subs) What's wrong with them?
Me: There's no cheese on mine.(Opens it up and shows her). My fiance's was made wrong too--he asked for extra beef and bacon on his.
N: I'm sorry about that. Do you want us to make new subs for you?
Me: No, that's okay, he's already eaten half of his, but could you just put cheese on mine?
NG: What kind of cheese do you want?
Me: Swiss.
NG: Okay. I don't think he asked for bacon and stuff, since I'm always really careful about listening.
Me: No, I'm sure he did. (Remembers because it was the first time he'd ordered that type of sub with bacon, and I was thinking it'd taste gross).
NG: Oh. Well, okay, but I usually listen pretty good. (Starts to walk away to put cheese on sub, then comes back).
Me: ?
NG: What kind of chesse did you want again?
Me: (Metally:) DOH!

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