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Health services administration... sigh

Considering that there is a problem in the United States with the number of people who do not have health insurance, you'd think the health care industry would try to facilitate people getting such insurance. Alas, this is not the case for me.

Back at the end of November, my option to pay into COBRA was expiring and I realized that the medical coverage was too expensive for me to pay for. Okay, fine, I will get a less expensive plan. I got in touch with an insurance broker and she sent me some paper work from the insurance company. Flash forward over two and a half months later and I still have no coverage. My medical group that has all my medical records has not been releasing said records to the insurance company. The insurance company has sent me a couple of letters saying that they give up because the medical group has not been processing their request for records. Thank god or whoever that I have the insurance broker who stays on top of the insurance company to keep them trying to get the records despite the "we give up" letters. I finally got word last week that supposedly the medical group was copying the records for the insurance company so I am waiting to hear if my request for coverage is approved. I'm not really mad at the insurance company since it is not their fault that the medical group has not processed the records request. I am LIVID at the medical group for not processing things in a timely manner. This is not the first time I have had problems with the medical group. They have excellent doctors, but the system in which they operate is horrible and getting in to SEE a doctor can be terrible. (My mom was having appendicitis and the doctor's office phone operators told her she had to have an appointment WTF. This was after we went home after waiting in the emergency room 6 hours where there was only one triage nurse to do intake on a cold rainy night at a major trauma center WTFF! My mom went in anyway to the office after being made to cry over the phone, was diagnosed by a doctor right away, and the doctor called for an ambulance to take her to the hospital where we had been waiting in the emergency room.)

I am just so angry by the foul ups in the organization. I am just lucky I have not required any important medical procedures though I have been suffering pain in one of my feet for over a month. No insurance so can't afford a doctor visit so I just deal. Sigh. I left a message with my insurance broker asking who I can write a letter to about this problem getting records processed.

I would like to say my medical coverage woes are the only health coverage woes, but no. Now comes the dental coverage.

I have ZERO idea how hard it is for a dentist's office to get the message that I do not have Dental Insurance Company A and have not had it for a year and a half. I switched employers so got Dental Insurance Company B. I had B when I went in for my check up last year and I gave them my relevant information for that insurance yet they still billed A instead of B. They continued throughout the year to bill A and kept getting rejected so sent me a bill for services in January. I called and said "Um, why haven't you billed B? Why didn't you call me when A didn't work out? I gave you my info at the time of my visit." No problem they say, they will bill B. A WEEK later, they call me back and say my coverage was denied. I asked them who they billed. A! A! A! WTF people, WTF. I said again that they needed to bill B. Why is this hard? B. I go in for my January appointment and talk with the office manager. At this point I now had coverage with B under COBRA and gave them a copy of letter from the COBRA administrator. The office manager says that we have to have an understanding that if my coverage is denied, I will be responsible for the bill. I say no problem provided they stop billing A and bill the correct company. Yesterday in the mail I get a letter from A showing that they were billed for my January dental services. ARGGGGGGH!! WHY? I called and left a message at the dental office asking why they continue billing A when I have repeatedly told them to bill B and asking that they call me if there was anything outstanding on my bill.

Amazing, wonderful dentists and hygenists at this outfit. So fantastic that I got over my fear of dentists. But, like the doctors, they operarate in the milieu of a less than stellar administration.

Anyway, I felt the need to vent these frustrations.
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