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Score one for the fat chicks?

A letter I wrote to Lane Bryant:

I recently purchased a pair of cropped pants at the Lane Bryant store in Seminole Town Center Mall in Orlando, Florida. I had been getting them dry cleaned, up until this past week when I realized the tag said I could wash them myself. I followed the directions on the tag. Still, the pants came out completely ruined. Many of the seams are gone, one of the belt loops is completely gone, the string in the pinstripes are gone....and I am fully disappointed by this pair of pants. Honestly, they were a favorite of mine.

What disappointed me more was how I was treated in a Lane Bryant store. I took them back to the Lane Bryant at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida because I happened to be in that vicinity. The manager at that store, an asian woman, was so horridly rude to me that I was in genuine disbelief.

She informed me that I had bought the pants over six months ago (absolutely false!) and that I couldn't exchange the pants because they hadn't had them since 6 months ago. Of course, I didn't have the receipt because I have worn these pants for a couple of months with no problem. While I expected that I wouldn't be able to get a cash refund, I would have been happy with store credit or just an exchange for the same pants.

The manager said she would call another store in the area to get a sku, so she could give me store credit on the lowest price the pants were bought at. She would not let me get a word in edgewise while talking to the other store, and told them that I was returning pants that were so old she couldn't even remember them being in the store. She described them incorrectly to the other branch, and then was shocked when they couldn't find a sku.

In the end, she said she would give me a $6.00 store credit for the pants, because that was probably the lowest price they had gone for.

Low and behold, I travel to the Lane Bryant website. Shockingly enough, the pants are on there! Not only that, but they aren't even on sale. Since they are still $44.50, is it safe to assume they were never on sale for $6.00?

The pants can be located at

They are striped trouser crops, and I doubt they are $44.50 after being on your website for over 6 months.

Honestly, I am used to being treated insolently because I am a college student. However, this was appalling. I fully recognize the fact that having a receipt would have helped me in this situation, but I wasn't expecting the pants to fall apart after two months. I also wasn't expecting the disgusting attitude I got from the manager.

This incident took place between 3:30 and 6 on Saturday, February 11, 2006. I would still like either a store credit, refund, or exchange on my pants. As I mentioned, they are one of my favorite pairs of pants. Please let me know how to further handle this situation.

Thank you for your time and prompt response,

EDIT: The website doesn't have a phone number on it, and the email is only THROUGH the website. Which means it only allows for 1000 characters. I had to cut down my letter to what follows, but I will also be sending a print copy.

Recently purchased pants in Seminole Town Center, Orlando, FL. Followed directions for wash but pants got ruined anyway. More disappointed was my treatment. Took them to Florida Mall to return. The manager, an Asian woman, was incredible rude to me. Said I'd bought the pants 6 months ago (false!) and couldn't exchange them because LB hadn't had them for so long. I didn't have receipt because I didn't know they'd fall apart. Knew I couldn't get refund, but wanted store credit or exchange. She called other store for sku, gave them wrong info and emphasized age of pants. Then said I'd get a max of $6.00 store credit. I later logged onto LB website. Shockingly, they were there and not on sale. They are striped trouser crops. If on website for 6 months, why still $44.50? I am used to bad treatment because I am in college, but this was disgusting. Would like to explain in greater detail, but 1000 characters limits me greatly. Thanks for prompt response.
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