Caroline (bishsticks) wrote in bad_service,

A call from an old roommate brought up memories of this...

This happened to me awhile back, but ever since then, I've been rather prejudiced against the store.

Back when I was a happy college student and had -- amazingly enough -- some extra money to spend, I traveled to the local On Cue (which is now Sam Goody) to see what I could see.

I ended up buying to DVDs... "The Kindred" series and "Vampire Hunter D." (I had a thing for vampires back then.) "The Kindred" was a 2-disk set. This is important.

So, I'm all excited about "The Kindred," as I hadn't seen it since it had been on TV. I get home and open it up... but lo, there is only one disk in the case. Disk Two.

Sighing heavily, I drive all the way back to On Cue, that same afternoon, to return it.

Me: Yours truly
Pseudo-Goth Girl: otherwise known as "Trying to be Goth white girl but corn rows just make it look silly"

Me: I bought this DVD earlier and need to return it.
PGG: Why?
Me: It's a two disk set and there's only one disk in it.
PGG: Sorry, we can't take it back.
Me: Why?
PGG: Because there's only one disk in it. (This was in the days before you could copy DVDs so they didn't have a problem with it being open.)
Me: Yeah, I know. That's why I need to return it.
PGG: Sorry, can't help you.

It went on like this for a few more rounds -- me trying to explain that there was a disk MISSING and her trying to tell me I couldn't return it unless it had both disks -- until finally, with a big, heavy sigh she said I could exchange it. Which is what I'd been going for, but the corn rows must have been too tight because she wasn't listening. So I go get another one, but of course, they don't have any.

At this point she refuses a refund and says the best she can do is offer store credit. Me, wanting to get out of there because her not-listening made my head hurt, agreed.

She whips out one of those little plastic cards, marks on the receipt and gives it to me.

This is where I made my mistake. I was so irritated and frustrated over not being allowed to return a DVD because one disk was missing, that I failed to check the receipt until I got home.

She'd credited me with the price of "Vampire Hunter D," not "The Kindred," which was about a $10 difference.

So back to the store I went. Got the same dumb girl, who argued with me that she'd credited me for "the vampire movie." I had to make her get "The Kindred" I'd "returned" out from wherever she'd stashed it to make her see that she really couldn't read. Finally got the proper credit, but ugh...

And I realize that this is just a broad generalization, but why try to be goth if you don't know your vampire movies?

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