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see me down to the edge of the wild


Earlier this morning, some idiot in a minivan almost changed lanes into me - no signal or anything. I exercised my horn finger, and narrowly averted disaster. Conveniently (?) the minivan was a business vehicle, so I made a note of the company name. Ironically, it's a gift-and-flower type shop, so I'd been making a mental note of the name anyway to keep in mind for local frufru shops to look at for wedding stuff.

When I got home, I looked them up online and called them up.

Woman: Thank you for calling Accents Etc, this is Susan, how can I help you?
Me: Is there a manager available, please?
Susan: This is she.
Me: I'd like to make a complaint about one of your drivers.
Susan: Oh, are you the one in the Honda?
Me: ....yes....
Susan: That was my son driving the van, he's practicing to get his learner's permit, I'm sorry! Next time I'll put a student driver sign in the window.
Me: *open mouth* *close mouth* *open mouth* *close mouth* Ummm....
Susan: *click*

So this moron is letting her unlicensed son, who apparently doesn't even have his learner's permit yet, drive her BUSINESS VEHICLE. I'm sure her business insurance doesn't cover unlicensed drivers.
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