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I've had it up to here with DHL

I hate the fact that all the 24 hour computer repair services deal exclusively with DHL Express Shipping, because this means I have to deal with DHL, and have had nothing with horrible service from them. This time just set me over the edge.

My nice pre-paid laptop shipping box arrived here at my apartment yesterday morning with little issue. So I packed up the computer in its happy little box, and called to arrange for my pick-up today.

I gave the customer service representative on the phone all the information she requested, and agreed for a pickup time of 5:30-8:30 this evening. When she repeats my address for pick-up back for me, she enunciates poorly, so it sounds like she says

55 My Street Name
My Town, New Jersey, #####

This is not correct, so I say

*6*5 My Street Name
Apartment Number 104B
My Town, New Jersey, #####"

She says okay, and the call ends.

*Fast forward to 8:45 this evening*

I still have my safely packed laptop aitting on my livingroom table. I call DHL to find out what the hell is going on, because this has happened before.

The previous time they were coming to my apartment, (also a laptop repair shipment) I did not recieve my package by the time I was supposed to. I checked my tracking information and I saw "delivery attempted" reported. There was no way in hell there was a delivery was attempted because I was standing out front of the apartment complex at the time it listed chatting with a friend, and there was no shiney yellow DHL truck anywhere in site. I called their customer service, and the woman at my area's processing plant told me I could come in immediately and pick up my package directly from there. I double checked to see if that were true, because I thought it was odd that it wouldn't still be out on the truck being ridden around NJ. So i go in, and, of course, after standing at the info desk being ignored while all the workers discussed Harry Potter until my repeated ringing of their little bell finally coaxed somebody to come out front and wait on me, I was told that my package was still out on the truck, and they had no idea who told me I could come get it immediately or why they would tell me that because it was definitely not true. I told them that they'd better find out where my package was, because delivery had not been attempted. They called the driver and he said he could not find the apartment complex. That's fucking rediculus. Its a huge fucking ugly ass apartment complex on a fairly busy main road, which one of their drivers had delivered the prepaid box to the previous day. And besides the point, I thought that was why they took your phone number down and have it typed on their shipping lable and stuff, so that if they DO have trouble finding your location they can call and notify you. My money is on the guy taking an unauthorized lunch break during the time he was supposed to deliever my package. Oh, my laptop was also dented, however, I couldn't prove for sure whether it was the repair company or DHL so I couldn't make any sort of claim on that.

I talk to the nice customer service representative. I inform her of the lack of pickup occuring and she tells me she'll look into the situation immediately. She I guess pulls it up on her computer by my name and phone number and asks

"You're Lindsay Johnson at
55 My Street Name"

I cut her off
"Its 65 My Street Name"

She responds
"Oh, that would be the problem then. The driver went to 55 My Street Name and was told he needed a mailbox number. [I believe 55 is a business park] I will correct this immediately. However, your local processing area is closed for the evening, so we'll have to arrange the pickup for another time. Is that okay?"

"Not really, but I understand there is nothing you can do about that."

"And this is a house?"

"No, its an apartment. Apartment #104B."

We arrange the pickup for tomorrow between 1-3 in the afternoon. Which for me is actually fine, because the place this laptop is being shipped through only does repairs Monday through Friday, so whether it arrives Saturday evening or Sunday evening or Monday morning really doesn't matter too much. Its just the principal of the issue. I'm using DHL EXPRESS for a reason. I paid for 24 hour overnight shipping for a reason. DHL doesn't know that whatever I was shipping didn't absolutely positively have to be there tomorrow no matter what. They just don't seem to care.

I could handle it if there was a mistake. However, the girl who initially took my information was either too lazy to correct my information after she repeated back the incorrect info and I corrected her, or she couldn't hear me and was to embarassed to ask me to be bothered the information was correct, or is just completely inept. The last delivery driver I had was again, either lazy or inept. The person who told me that I could come to processing to pick up my package even though - despite the fact that I am not in the shipping business - my common sense told me that a shipment that was supposed to be made just a couple hours previously would not be there, and I was right drove 45 minutes each way for nothing, was just a moron. Its irresponsible of a company that deals with time-sensative, presumably important shipments to hire employees that cannot be bothered to or are just completely incapable of holding themselves to a minimum requirement of adequacy. I'm not even asking for GREAT or even GOOD customer service anymore. Just be capable of getting the minimum requirements of the job done. That means typing in my information into your little computer properly, and actually showing up and attempting to deliver my package or at least making an attempt to find out where my apartment complex is if you are too stupid to find it yourself, and not providing your customers with the completely wrong information. Thats really all I ask.

The best part is that my area is due for 10 inches of snow over the weekend, so I have a feeling my pick-up isn't going to happen tomorrow either.

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