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Dear Bank of America:
I chose this particular account for the reason that there was no minimal balance, and, more important, no user fees outside of the $1.50 charged for using ATMs from other banks.

So, why am I getting charged service fees? And, when I write you a very polite e-mail on your site, wy don't you respond? I mean, it says something along the lines of "we will respond to you within 7-10 days" and it has been more than that. I really don't want to call the customer service line, since while people there are nice, they can't do anything but say "I'll send in a request for your account to be reviewed..."

Bah. I mean, fine, it is all of three dollars, but when you're a college kid, needing to pay for gas, food, and daily living supplies, every little penny counts.

Well, I'll most likely switch banks in about four months, since using the Navy bank would be far more convienant for me while on active duty. But why was my money taken?

EDIT (because I'm forgetful...) this wasn't from using a non-BoA ATM. In fact, I haven't touched my savings account in over a month, because I like to be able to put money in there and let it sit--I use my checking account much more, which added into my confusion as to why my savings account was given the fee.
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