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Need advice...

My good friend Dan has a banking issue. Through no fault of his, since we checked his statement to make sure, the bank charged him about $270 in fees. This not only put him far negative, but also ate his entire paycheck from last week and is still negative.

It all started when the bank charged him a thirty-dollar insufficient funds fee on a purchase that LEFT HIM with ten dollars in the account--ie, positive. Ten dollars is a positive number, yes? It even says so on his statement, that while he was still positive ten dollars, he was charged thirty-two for insufficient funds. WTF?

After that, it's all downhill, as his next, seven-dollar purchase--which he knew would put him close, but it shouldn't've mattered--incurred another thirty-dollar bounced check fee. Now, he has a student account, which means no monthly account fee and he has the overdraft turned off, so when he's negative it's just supposed to decline, not keep charging and take out fees, too. There is no minimum balance. It says all this on his online account, which he checked to print out his statement to show to the bank.

We're going down first thing in the morning.

My question to the community is, how can we go into a bank, point out their mistake, and demand money back without coming off as asshole customers?

(Note: when this happened with my -different- bank, they told me it was my fault for spending money when I was negative and refused to remunerate the charges. WTF??!!)
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