merlyn4401 (merlyn4401) wrote in bad_service,

What are my options?

Hello, first time poster, etc etc. I am currently in an awful dental experience. About a week ago I started having pain in my tooth. Waited a few days, then decided I really should see a dentist (did I mention I am TERRIFIED of dentists??). So I called the office, but the dentist is out on Fridays, so they made me an appointment for first thing Monday morning. No problem. Went to see my doctor, who suspected an abscessed tooth (as did I) and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to get me to Monday. I went in Monday and they confirmed the abscessed tooth and scheduled me for a root canal the following day. I went in on Tuesday and they started the procedure. After the dentist drilled through the crown on the abscessed tooth he kind of sat back and went "Wow.". He then started talking to me and the hygenist, wondering why in the world a root canal had not been done when the crown was put on my tooth 2 years ago. Apparently the dentist who put the crown on my tooth drilled all the way into the root area when he was cleaning out the decay. At that point he should have done a root canal himself, or referred me to an endodontist to have it done. But instead he decided to fill in the area with build-up material and crown it. My current dentist told me I have probably been fighting an infection in that tooth ever since I got the crown put on, and the infection finally won. The infection is so bad that they had to switch my antibiotics to a more powerful one, and leave my tooth open so it could drain. They were not able to complete the root canal because of the level of infection, so I have to go back to have that done next week. Do I have any options on anything I can do with my previous dentist? My insurance picks up 80% of the root canal, so I am not out a ton of money. I am just so angry that he did such a poor job, and has caused me so much pain years down the road.
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