_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Normally, I have really excellent service at the Denny's nearest to me. My friends and I are frequent customers. I've never gotten an order wrong, always had a really nice waitress. But this one time... it was just weird.

My friend and I are taking all of the same classes in junior college, and it's right next to "Our Denny's". Between English and Human Development 2, we have a two hour break. One day we decided to go to Denny's. We walked in, got seated in less than a minute, ordered our drinks. Carolyn [the friend] and I just wanted seasoned fries. The waitress comes back and begins taking our order. She looks at Carolyn. Carolyn says, "I'll have seasoned fries". The waitress says, "Just seasoned fries? Alright!" and walks away.... It was really strange. She just didn't look at me, or try to take my order.

I'm not one to yell to have the waitress come back so I figured, I'll just wait until she comes back. She comes back, sets the seasoned fries down, and walks away immediately before I can say anything. Now I'm just wondering what I did that she wouldn't take my order. My friend finishes her drink. Waitress looks over at the empty cup, goes and gets a new soda, brings it over, and dashes off AGAIN. By now, Carolyn has been letting me share her fries. I decided I didn't want to order, and we got up to leave. As we're getting up, our waitress finally comes over and stands there. "Can I get you anything else?" directed towards me. "No." "Is something wrong?" "...No. We're leaving". We went to pay and we decided to fill out a comment card. I marked the restaurant well, but the waitress in the middle of poor and good. Under food quality, "I wouldn't know. The waitress took my friend's order and not mine, and I didn't want to have to yell to get her to listen to me".

I just don't know. Was it my fault that I didn't speak up? The first time she was at the table, and Carolyn ordered, and she said, "Just seasoned fries?" I did try to say "TWO ORDERS". But it was almost like she ran away from the table. She just really seemed like she didn't want to deal with us. The guy sitting behind us left about the same time we did, and said if it was him, he would have complained. But I didn't really feel like going into that. I've always had really good service. This was just weird to me.
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