Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

I realize that you were closing in about 35 minutes, I'm sure you're exhausted and want to ho home, very acceptable. However, not even making eye contact with us, being very short, and then TEARING the menu out of my hands before I can even tell you I want an appetizer is not. We were there for about 40 minutes and you didn't refill my soda once. I had to share a drink with my boyfriend. When I tried to flag you down, you just kept on sweeping and waltzing over to where your buddy workers were.

Another thing, treating my boyfriend like an idiot because he wasn't sure of something "obvious" to you really pissed me off. He's been there twice. You made him feel horrible when you talked to him like he was 5 years old. Way to go.

The bill was about 40.00 dollars, and I only left you two bucks. I could have been a bigger bitch and left you nothing, but it's not in my nature. Oh, and trying to stare me down next time we were there -- REAL MATURE. *clap clap* Thank God the place was too crowded.

I rarely get bad service. I think of myself as a good customer. I understand that restaurants run out of items sometimes, that's not an employee's fault. I also understand you get very busy at times and need to be rather short, but are usually very pleasant. But, when it's us and about 5 other tables including a few more waiters, it'd be very nice to have a waiter who atleast re-fills your drink. It takes a real jerk to make me leave a bad tip.

End bitching.
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