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Bad Automated Service...

Dear Bank of Montreal,

Why do you like to put completely random holds on my account? The last cheque I deposited was five (business) days ago and should have cleared anyway by your standards. It was also for $400. So why, after I have transferred and spent all of this money but the last hundred, did you decided to chuck $100 into 'unavailable funds'? Shouldn't the whole $400 have been unavailable, and then, once the cheque cleared, the money released into the wild of my savings? And if not, why do you want the last $100 so bad? Last month you decided to put a hold on $85 of my balance, and I didn't even deposit a cheque that month at all! I let it slide because the ATM didn't care about that and still gave me money, for whatever reason. But you made me a jerk for the poor Safeway clerk whose line I would not have gone through unless I was sure I had money in the account. Which I did, until that morning, or whenever you decided to keep some back.

All I ask is consistency!

No love,


(If anyone knows banks very well and can explain to me what's going on, if anything normal at all, please, please do.)
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