Kyle (ushichan9) wrote in bad_service,

My friend and I were on our way, all packed for a road trip. At the last minute we decided to have a meal right before leaving. We ended up at Burger King, which is one of the few fast food places vegetarians can sort of eat. Sort of.

At the front of the line, we were confronted with a short-statured (but muscular) man. We ordered our Veggie burgers and the guy grumbles and complains about how they're not a common menu item so they're impossible to find on the screen... then he suddenly bursts out with "what do those things taste like, anyway? are you vegetarians or something?"

I noted the tone of his voice... kind of disdainful, as in "real men eat meat." "I don't know, they taste like vegetables I guess. They're pretty good."

Then the moment of truth. The man decides hey, since these people seem to like answering questions, I should see if I can ask something completely inappropriate! "You all queer too or something?!"

WHAT? The manager walked by and didn't seem to notice that we were very offended. There's something 10-15 (!!!) minutes later, I finally got my "only lettuce" veggie burger with mayo and ketchup. Yum.

Needless to say we haven't returned since. Gotta love the South.

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