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Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.

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Sunday at 10am, I go in to work (server at a casual chain restaurant). My replacement was supposed to be in at 4, but as it turns out, he's going to be an hour and a half late. No biggie. I agree to stay later.

So for 7.5 hours, I'm on my feet, running around fetching people more sweet tea, more honey mustard, carrying heavy trays, burning my hands on hot dishes, and smiling the whole time. My tips are decent, but by the end of the day (as with most busy shifts) I'm exhausted and starving (haven't eaten all day). As I'm getting in my car and driving home, all I can think about is how good dinner from my university dining hall is going to taste.

Get back to school, walk accross campus in the freezing cold and the icy drizzle to the dining center, still exhausted, still starving. I get there around 6:15, with plenty of time (they stop serving at 6:30), or so I think.

Open the door, walk in...


WTF?!?! You're only open for an hour and a half for dinner, I'm paying a good chunk of money for my meal plan, and you CAN'T STAY OPEN ANOTHER FUCKING 15 MINUTES?!?!

Yes, I realize its their right to close if they so desire, yes, I realize it was wet and cold and many students were ordering pizza to be delivered or whatever, but dammit! I've been serving people food for the past SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS and I can't even eat when I get home because AN HOUR AND A HALF IS TOO BLOODY LONG FOR YOU TO SERVE?!?!?!?!

This happened Sunday and I'm still extremely sore about it. I already turned in a comment card expressing my displeasure.
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