Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion (bkmichele) wrote in bad_service,
Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion

I think Verizon is like crack

No matter how bad they treat me, I just keep coming back for more. I've had issues with them in the past, but right now I am so utterly pissed.

Friday Feb 3 I ordered via the "upgrade my phone" on the website the new pink Razr. I've been waiting to resign my K to see if Verizon was going to offer a pink phone. Otherwise I was going to switch providers. With my discounts for online purchase + new every 2, it was $99 plus tax. Yay.
Confirmation e-mail arrives, with order number and link to check the status. It says delivery is 2-5 days. I checked the status daily to see if I could get a UPS tracking number or something, but it always said "We have received your order, please check back later". I was getting antsy since I figured it should have at least left their warehouse by now so this morning
Now the people on their help desks are always very pleasant, despite usually not being able to answer all of my questions. The woman I spoke to there was able to tell me that she knew I had ordered a phone, the order had been received, yet there was "some sort of problem". Now the rep from the "Product Ordering People" (I forget their actual service center title but they're the people who sell the phones but not the plans) was for some reason unable to tell her exactly what the problem is.
Side Note: I have a feeling this has something to do with the fact that Verizon cannot comprehend that I have a NY area code on my cell phone but desire to have the product shipped to me in California... But that makes them pretty damn stupid.

She in her infinite wisdom gives me a 1-800 number for the Product People. (Additional Bitch Factor: Verizon charges you out of your Minutes for 800 numbers. Why couldn't she transfer me?!) I thank her and call them. I select Option 1 on the menu. Which I now realize is the incorrect option. However, it asked me for my area code to properly direct my call. I select 718, the NY area code of my mobile.
Agent: I see your order but I can't really look at it because it's in New York
Me: So can you transfer me to the people who can help me?
Agent: *Transfers me to some other line, where I remain on hold for 15 minutes before hanging up*

I called again, this time actually paying closer attention to the automated menu and realizing Option 3 is probably what I want. I select 3, but am placed on a long wait list hold again. This time I hang up after 4 minutes because I'm about to be late for the class I am now sititng in.

So the bottom line is:
I ordered a phone, resigning my K for 2 years! Verizon should be damn happy to be keeping another customer, yet they don't seem at all interested in telling me something is wrong with my order. Regardless of who's fault the issue was to begin with, they ought to be on top of things!
THEY HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. Logic tells me that whoever firsts receives my order and realizes there is an issue with it should pick up their damn phone and call my cell phone. They have my phone number. They have my parents' home phone number as an alternate line that they could have called!
Are they just not interested in selling me products??
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