emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

What can I do, if anything?

I ordered a book from a seller on amazon.com. I ordered special expediated shipping because I needed it quickly. Said order was placed on January 20th and I assumed it would reach me quickly. I still have not received it and its well past the shipment date so I contacted the seller. They said that "According to USPS" my package was delivered on January 27th at 12:36.
I believe them...because they have the exact date and time and it seemed very professional. So I called my apartment complex and they said they had not gotten anything.
Coming home a day or two ago, I saw another package I ordered...randomly lying next to my door. Now...normally when packages come and no one is there to pick them up they come back another day or leave it with a neighbor. They dont just lay them randomly beside my apartment door. I live in a college town. While its not the New York slums...we do have substantial crime (especially with robbery and stuff like that)
I have this really bad feeling that they dropped it by my door and someone grabbed it.
Can I make any type of argument in this case? Do I just contact the local post office and be like...hey, I didnt get a package? If it was left by my door and someone took it, could I get a refund in any way?
This just sucks so much for so many reasons-firstly, I really needed that book. Secondly, its a rare book-if this was some three dollar used copy of some bestseller, I wouldnt be that upset. But I have been to every library and bookstore within a 3 hour radius and no one has it. Its out of print and old. Meaning, I paid a pretty penny for it. And lastly, now I dont trust my post office. My mommy sent me a Valentines package today and of course, I am in work all freaking day, and I can just see my chocolate and money being stolen because the post office decides to dump it beside my door instead of waiting or something :(

Will I sound like a crazy woman if I ask for some sort of reimbursement if it has been stolen from my door...or is it just something that happens and the post office is not liable?
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