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This happened a while ago, but it was the most annoying customer service I ever encountered, and I'm bored at work so I thought I'd share it.

My husband, my son and I had taken a trip to the gym. This gym doesn't have adequate child care, so we'd take turns, one of us would go work out and the other one would take our son around to the library or something. While I was waiting for my husband to finish, I went to sit in this little cafe that's in the same building. I decided to order a salad to share with my boy while I waited - so I walk up and I first ask whether they take debit. I'm told they don't, so I tell him what I want before I walk across the hall to the ATM.

Me: "I'll be right back, I'm just going to run to the ATM right there, but I'd like to order a garden salad with ranch dressing and croutons please."
Him: "Sure thing!"

*Go to the ATM and come back*

Him: "That'll be about 4-5 minutes for the chicken to cook, sorry!"
Me: "Chicken? What for?"
Him: "Er.. for the chicken wrap you ordered?"
Me: "Sorry, I didn't order a wrap, I actually ordered just a garden salad with ranch and croutons, I'm vegetarian, so don't worry about the chicken"
Him: "OH! Sorry! I'm kind of slow today, it will be a minute for the salad."
Me: "That's okay!"

*5 minutes later he plunks what looks to be a wrap on the counter*

Him: "Here's your wrap, miss."
Me: *a little wary, thinking he's joking or something* "I didn't order a wrap at all, I ordered a plain garden salad, ranch dressing, croutons.. oh and no bacon bits or anything like that, I don't eat meat."
Him: "Oh gosh, I'm sorry again, I'll make that salad quick, sorry."
Me: "No problem.."

*About 10 minutes later, he plunks a salad, with croutons and ranch ALL over it (like dripping) onto the counter*

Me: "Thanks!"

Now, I pay for this salad and I bring my son over to a table and sit down and start eating. Two bites into it.. I bite into something squishy.. something that looked like a ranch covered crouton but really wasn't. I slowly realize what it must have been.

At this point, I was angry. Before this I was annoyed, but I hid it well and was still pleasant and smiling and respectful, I mean we all have our slow days, but this really was the last straw. I went back up to the counter and I said "Okay, this really is not that hard, I ordered a GARDEN SALAD, ranch and croutons. I specifically said twice that I don't eat meat, and here I am with a disgusting piece of half chewed CHICKEN, because my salad is covered in it. I did not ORDER chicken, in fact I very clearly stated that I was a vegetarian and to forget about the chicken."

Finally, the guy got it right. How complicated can a simple green salad be?

I didn't have to lodge a complaint about it - his manager was right behind him and witnessed the whole thing. Although, she didn't try to make reparations for it or even apologize, she just sat there watching.

Never went back to that cafe.

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