blindedchoice (blindedchoice) wrote in bad_service,

Random survey call

Not really...bad, but still quite annoying.

I got a phone call today. They specifically asked for me, and it was a survey. From some research institute, or somesuch. I typically do surveys, because I know they probably deal with a ton of crap from people. But what makes me decide to do one, is their attitude, and how they present the survey. I've actually taken every single survey I can, when they call.

So today this guy calls, and asks for me. I grab the phone from my sister (she answered) and he says "Bethany??" And I'm like "...yes?" and he's just being...too casual. I mean, I know the whole "talk to you like a friend" tactic, but he was taking it too far. Like he knew me. But, I decided to go on. So I'm walking out of the room to go somewhere quieter, and he just immediately starts asking me questions. Didn't give me an option if I wanted to take it or not, just dove right in. I thought it was rather rude, really. (not necessarily the action, but how he went about it)

So he asks me two questions, and I interrupt him. I ask him, "so wait, are you going to give me a choice if I want to take this survey?" and he says, "Oh, I was just being assumptive, and--" I cut him off with, "Yes, you were being assumptive, and I don't really appreciate that. If you had asked me to take the survey, I would have gladly accepted. But you were actually kinda rude, and so I'm not going to. And, I'm hanging up now. Bye."

It just...he was way unprofessional, and it really turned me off/put me off. It may seem minor to you guys, but his tone of voice and everythign was just...bleh. =/

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