tonight make me unstoppable (seaforanswers) wrote in bad_service,
tonight make me unstoppable

the joys of ebay

So a couple of weeks ago, or specifically, two weeks from tomorrow, I bought the Buffy Chosen Collection from eBay. I emailed the seller and asked them when they were shipping the DVD's, if they had a tracking number, etc. They replied with an unprofessional one-liner, telling me that it would be shipped on Saturday.

The following Monday I recieved an email telling me that the seller in question has been suspended from eBay. I emailed them the same day requesting a tracking number for the package that had supposedly been mailed on Saturday. I never got a reply.

Today, I requested their information from eBay and attempted calling them. Apparently it was a 'wrong number'. I had a friend call and she got the answering machine. I filed a complaint with PayPal, upon which I realized that the person was using two different first names and two different emails on eBay and PayPal.

Then I checked eBay again, where I found another seller with a very similar name, from the same city, selling the same item with the same item and shipping information. Now, suspended users aren't allowed to return to eBay under a different name. So I reported them.

This is an awesome first experience with eBay.

Reposted from my personal journal.
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