sock_puppy3 (sock_puppy3) wrote in bad_service,

On Friday there was a hockey game on so we all decided to have Subway for dinner. My sister and I drove to the nearest Subway and as soon as we walked up to the store we knew we would have a hard time. We got out of the car and my sister was smoking and one of the Subway employees that was sitting outside smoking said that we couldn’t smoke in the Subway. We hadn’t even gotten close enough to the door for him to justify saying something like that. My sister and I look quite similar we get mistaken for twins a lot even though we are about 3 years apart. Before we can walk into the restaurant (my sister has to finish her cigarette) We were standing outside and the Subway guy started making all these comments about how we look so similar and how we are attractive and giving us googlie eyes, it was so disgusting.

Anyways we went to order our food and I ordered 2 sandwiches and my sister ordered her sandwich. I had a veggie sandwich and ordered my boyfriend a chicken teriyaki sandwich. We got to the end of the line and I had the guy that we had seen outside previously making my sandwiches. I saw him closing up my boyfriends sandwich and I asked him if he had put the chicken on he said yes yes yes yes, of course I did, making it sound like I was implying he was stupid although I had not seen him put the chicken on the sandwich but I wasn’t totally paying attention because I was helping my sister due to the fact something was wrong with her bankcard.

We decided just to order three meal deals all together (due to my sisters bankcard not working properly) but the cashier was incredibly snotty, she didn’t even look like she was interested in being at work or listening to what we wanted to purchase. She made a mistake and then acted like it was our fault. We were charged for 2 meal deals, except we had three sandwiches all together. She kept repeating that we didn’t ask for three deals. The last time I checked I’m not deaf, so if there was a miscommunication it doesn’t need to be repeated to me multiple times. Just fix the error and move on. It didn’t even bother me that much I just paid the difference. The cashier didn’t even ask which kind of chips we wanted, she just grabbed a bag of the same kind that my sister and I had ordered and tossed them on the counter. I find this completely unacceptable, I used to work at Tim Horton’s (this also makes me a lot more tolerant when I am ordering fast food) and I know this is not the proper way to hand someone a product. Let alone she never bothered to ask what kind of chips we wanted.

I drove back to my boyfriends friends house and as soon as I handed him his sandwich he started asking why his had no meat. I ended up having to go all the way back to the subway to get chicken put on his sandwich and the guy started asking who made the sandwich (even though there were only two people working the girl was on the till we hadn’t been gone for more then 15 minutes). Then he made some comment about how I shouldn’t let it ruin my night. This was unacceptable, I wasn’t rude I just said that the sandwich was missing the meat and could it please be put on so we could leave.

Not really that big of a deal, it’s just I asked him if he has put the meat on the sandwich and he said he did even though he never made any attempt to check to see if he had or not. Sure I should of checked myself, but that’s why I asked him, I mean he was in the middle of making the sandwich, surely he should of known if he had JUST put it on or not.
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