You say BITCH like it's a BAD thing... (wickedannabella) wrote in bad_service,
You say BITCH like it's a BAD thing...


So, we all have a taste for pizza. Unfortunately, where I live, Pizza Hut is the only pallatable pizza of choice...and we've been ordering for over a year from the same PH joint.

Today, we find out, you can NO LONGER contact the stores directly, but are dumped into a "call center" where they make the decision for you on which store you can order from. No longer are you allowed to call the store directly and talk to your normal person who you have been ordering from for months. Nope.

Not only did I spend 5 mintues in a loop hold, but I had to sit through a moron who couldn't figure out where I lived, where the closest store was and where to put my order.

Finally, after another 8 minutes of him bumbling around, complaining that the system was slow, arguing with me about where to place the order, I told him to forget the whole thing and hung up.

What kind of system is THAT????

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