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Tonight my mom and I went out to our favorite Italian resturant for some good food. We were the only ones eatting dinner tonight, so we went about 4:15pmish and it's very slow. We were seated very quickly, and we had absolutely no wait for drinks and food. My only tiny complain was it took a long time to get our bill because our server was flirting with one of his co-workers infront of us. I watched him for a good 10 minutes flirting with his co-worker. I was a little unimpressed with it. Usually when my mom and I go to this resturant, we have a favorite waitress who is usually working everytime we go. 'Course I could have been impatient because I was so fulled, I just wanted to go. I still tipped 20 % because it is a resturant I go to alot.

Now, for witnessed bad service.

One of the older servers came out and went to the table next to us. She proceeded to ask this man, who was relatively older if he was her daughter's math teacher. THAN she started to grill him about her daughter's mark and why was she doing so poorly. The best part was, the man looked at her and said" I'm sorry but I believe that student is in the other math class" How awful! The server still didn't let up, she went on and on about her daughter's problem in math and how bad the school's math program is. Himself and the other people he was with we're getting annoyed..

I felt really bad for him, the server was rather loud so My mom and I could hear every word.

P.S I don't feel like I got really horrible service, I was just miffed by the 15 minute wait for the check. I am a patient person, I really am.

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