moogal (moogal) wrote in bad_service,

A pizza hut, a pizza hut...

Me and some friends were going for a night out last night, and decided that on the way we'd stop off for a bite to eat, so we went to Pizza Hut. They were obviously a little bit short-staffed as there were a fair few tables that needed clearing and it took a few minutes for somebody to seat us, but then they were very prompt at taking our order and getting our drinks. So far so good. The waitress told us that our pizzas would be out in "17-20 minutes" (her exact words).

We waited patiently for about 45 minutes, watching the place empty out as people finished and the staff standing around looking bored and flirting with some other customers, but strangely our initial waitress seemed to have vanished. Nobody else came to check that we were OK. Eventually, one of the staff called (from the other end of the place) "Are you lot alright up there?" to which we replied "Not really, no." They came up and we explained that we'd ordered ages ago and still hadn't had any food. We were very patient and not at all aggressive with this, as it wasn't his fault personally. He checked on the system and found our order, then went out to the kitchen.

Five minutes later, another waitress came up to say that they'd found our pizzas sitting in the kitchen, stone cold. Why nobody had noticed this, I have no idea. She asked if we wanted some new ones making. We were hungry (and by this time most places were closing) so we agreed. She told us 8 minutes for the new ones.

Twenty-five minutes later, we finally got our pizzas.

Something tells me that next time we want a pizza we'll not be going to that particular place.
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