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This story could be really long, take you about 2 hours to read, so I'll do my best to capsulize everything.

1.  2 years ago we left Virginia and moved to New Mexico.  We cruised out here before we actually  moved to find a place.  We spent 2 weeks out here looking at houses.  In hindsight, we should have just waited til we moved, shacked up with my folks and taken our time looking when we got here.

2.  We got a reference for a real estate agent.  We should have found one on our own.  This gal was brand new.   Note this as Problem #1.

3.  Found this house and fell in love with it.

4.  We get out here finally.  I arrange to have another inspection so I can go through the house with the inspector.  The only problems noted were a couple of screws missing here and there and the roof would have to be re-done.  No prob, there as we got a nice amount to do that.

5.  Fast forward to last week.  The house is southwest style - stucco.  We need to have some major repairs done to the outside...repairs for things we believe happened while we've been living in the house.

6.  The best company in town is called and the owner comes up to take a look.  He proceeds to tell us:
"I remember this house.  We did some patch jobs for the owners a couple of years ago. How much of an allowance did you get for repairs?"  None I tell him with a strange look on my face. "None?  We told them when we did the repairs that he had some big damage, to which they said that they were selling the house and weren't going to worry about it.  We told them that they needed to disclose all of this to their agent before they sold."

Guess what they didn't do.  So, not only did they not disclose it, the inspector didn't catch it.  I was kicking myself for not checking better but this is the first stucco house we've owned so I didn't know what to look for.

So, 2 years later, we're looking at an estimate of $6000 to fix it all, which means having to take out a home improvement loan, etc.  A couple of folks I've talked to have said that we need to sue.  But who do you sue 2 years later?

I've asked the repair company owner to see if he's got any paperwork and the like from back then and he's checking.  But even if he does....ya kinda think the time has run out on this.

Any experts out there?  A friend says I should call the Title Company - which I'll be doing on Monday.

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