dewprisms (dewprisms) wrote in bad_service,

Dell is, indeed, evil.

My mother calls Dell sometime in November to order a $50 gift certificate for my friend for her birthday on the 19th of December. The gift card is to be put in my friend Kristen's name so that she can use it on online purchases. Dell charges the $50 to her credit card on November 28th and says the card will be there in 6-10 days.

The card arrives on time, but it is in my mother's name. Kristen cannot use a card that is not in her name to purchase something from Dell, so my mother calls Dell up asking what to do. Dell says it's no problem and that they'll reissue a new card with Kristen's name on it immediately and it should be there, again, a few days before Kristen's birthday. My mother asks what she should do with the wrongly named card and they tell her to just keep it as proof until the new one arrives, and then to cut it up. My mother says fine, she will do this.

The Monday before Kristen's birthday is the last day the card has to arrive. It does not arrive. Nor does it arrive Tuesday, Wednesday, or in fact any day after that, or even on her birthday. My mother tells Kristen about this, she says it's fine as she's not buying the computer immediately anyway.

My mother calls Dell again and asks them about it, they apologize and say they will resend out the card. Since it is right before Christmas I tell my mom to be patient as mail takes awhile longer and can get lost sometimes, and that maybe it was just bad luck. My mother, being a very strongheaded and impatient woman who knows exactly what she wants and she wants it rightnoworelse, says that she doesn't care if it's the holidays, but I manage to calm her down.

So, we give it until New Year's to arrive. Still, no card. My mother calls back AGAIN, and the once again apologize and say that they will send out the card. It is now February 3rd and we still have not recieved the card in the mail. Nor has any of our neighbors who may have mistakenly gotten our mail.

I think that it's time to stop dealing with CSR (even if it's not really their fault, you think they could red-flag the account and after the third complaint at least TRY to get something done) and write a letter to corporate. I'd appreciate any information as to what important people we could write to complain. I already know to make sure to ask for a refund of her money, and talk about going to the BBB or the FTC or the local Attourney General or whatever it is that you do just to light a fire to get them moving, I just need addresses.

Thanks for your time. :)

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