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Commerce Bank; wtf mate?

What in the gorram hell is the problem with banks?

I'm a college student, so I depend heavily on my ATM card. It just isn't safe to keep cash around (lots of on campus theft) and I don't want to have a credit card to mess up with. So, I stick with my ATM card.

My parents switched from Wachovia to Commerce after Wachovia informed them that their social security numbers had been "possibly stolen" along with a TRUCKLOAD of documents and bank statements off the back of a UPS truck. Idiots.

Commerce has not proven to be any better.

During school breaks, I work for a bookstore. So when I went home for Christmas break, I started to work again. While working, I was able to buy gifts for family members and paid for it with my debit/ATM card. Since I was working, I knew my first paycheck would go entirely into my account.

What I didn't know was that a phone bill I had sent in two weeks before I left school (my school's postal system sucks, another suck for another day) got to the phone company later than I expected (much later) and they pulled the money from my account during the three days between when I started to work and buy gifts and when Christmas was.

So the amount I checked I had online was incorrect and I overdrew myself. Okay, it happens. I was annoyed at my school's slow mail service and the overdraft fee, but I paid it as soon as I received notification and went on with my life.

Cue the end of Janurary when I'm back at school. I bought my text books (all 400$ of them) and wrote a check. I then called my mother that evening to tell her how much to move from savings to checking so that the school would get the money.

The next morning, my mother goes to the bank and tries to put the money into my checking. They refuse her and say that my account is frozen. My mother, being the Irishwoman she is, freaks out, frets and wakes me up at 9am to tell me to call the Commerce bank customer service hotline and figure out what the problem is, since all my fees have been paid and I had about a hundred dollars in there already.

I call and get a woman named "Vera". "Vera" sounds as if she's only talking to me under great protest and proves to be very unhelpful. She claims I never paid my overdraft fee and owe the bank hundreds in back fees. I go bug-eyed, break the pencil I was holding and try despritely to not loose it. Deep breaths, go to your happy place... naked Adrien Brody... naked Johnny Depp.. Trent Reznor, something... no, no, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS?

I explain, as calmly as I can, that the fees were paid before the New Year. She nastily says that I must be mistaken and that my account is frozen and that there isn't anything she can do. She transfers me to claims and I explain my case there.

The woman who I spoke to there was much nicer, understanding and said there was no problem with my account. There was no flag on it, no freeze and that I had xxx amount of money in it. I breathe a sigh of relief and then inquire as to why my mother was told there was a freeze. She says it was a mistake, a computer glich, but is all fixed.

I call my mother back, I tell her to calm down and that everything is okay. After work (she is a kindergarten teacher) she goes back to the bank to try and deposit the check. Again, they give her the story that my account is frozen. She asks for the manager and he somehow puts the check in. She calls me back in hysterics.

I call the service hotline again and get another woman who has no idea why my mother is being told this, since my account is fine. It even shows that the check went through. I wonder what's going on. My mother goes back the next day to check if everything is okay. They assure her everything is and that my account is dandy.

Today comes along and I go to Target with my roommates for some supplies. My ATM card is declined at the check out AND at the ATM machine. Thankfully I had money on me (sold a book because I dropped a class) and was able to pay. Wondering what's going on, I inspect my card to ensure that it's okay. No bends, no scratches, this card is in mint condition, so I don't think it's a card failure. I figure maybe it's just Target.

Then I go grocery shopping and the card gets declined there too. This time I didn't have enough cash and my roommate spotted me the difference. I was freaking out because there is no reason why it should be declined. There is 200$ in my checking account. I have not touched it in weeks. There is no reason why that money isn't there.

So tomorrow I have to call Commerce again and inquire as to why my card isn't working. If they tell me my account is frozen, I'll throw something. There is no reason I can think of that my card will not work.

I'm very annoyed at Commerce bank. Are they usually like this? Even the people who work at the branch I use at home aren't very helpful. My mother and I went in there before Christmas to ask about a credit card for me because I'm going to Europe for Spring Break. The woman who "advised" us had no idea what was going on, where the forms were, what credit cards they offered and then just told us to do it all online because it "doesn't really matter, right?". Fucking hell.

Anyway... I'm rather displeased with these people. And since I'm away at school, I can't go back to my branch to argue with these people in person. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions... I'd appreciate it.
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