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Crappy grocery store

If all the other stores in town weren’t so far away, I would Never shop at the nearby corner grocery store just a mile away from my house. Everyone there is so rude and it’s a block away from a homeless shelter so I can probably understand why they’re so mean, having to deal with plenty of thieves and drunks. But really there is no excuse.

One frigid ol’ biddy who has been there for ages, acts like you’re inconveniencing her by needing to check out. She’ll see you standing at the counter but she’ll take her time stocking the vegetables, even when you tell her you need to check out now.

She rings up stuff at the wrong price, and when you inform her that it’s on sale, she sighs and rolls her eyes and even once told me, “You need to tell us when something is on sale.” Uh…isn’t it your job to know these things?

The meat department is never staffed. You ring the bell and no one comes. You wait and wait. The only thing keeping you waiting is their very low prices on quality meat. When the meat guy comes, he’s usually rude.

But today. Today, oh ho ho! Today was the icing on the cake. My dad went in to buy some things and some Cheetos for me, and while waiting in the car I saw an ad on the store window for very cheap beef roast. I went in to buy some. I saw my dad in line, and he had the wrong kind of Cheetos. So I take it from him and go to return it to its proper space while I go get the right Cheetos, and I turn around into the aisle, and the meat guy is in some kind of freakin’ hurry to somewhere. I say “Oh, excuse me,” and the insolent little bastard pushes me out of the way!!!

I nearly fell over and was so shocked and angered. I tossed the damn Cheetos on the floor and left without buying any beef.

I do not want some grubby meat-monger’s paws on my coat, especially that bloody little pipsqueak.

My dad suggested complaining to the manager but I know that won’t do any good because he’s the same as the rest of his employees.

Tomorrow I’m gonna drive the extra three miles to another store and buy expensive beef to make my chipotle lime roast because at least over there, there’s less of a chance I’ll be man-handled for merely existing in the building.
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