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Over the weekend I had to fly to Vancouver for a night on business. Our rather large company had about 10 people booked at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia.

All in all, it was a pretty nice hotel, good food, nice rooms.

However, the front desk clerk, wasn't all that great.

He seemed nice enough to me when I checked in. Talking later with a few people from our group though, I was told that the front desk clerk was completely rude to them. It might be because I was already in business attire, while these people had arrived comfortably, in sweats and a hat. He broke this man's ID and didn't even apologize, just said "Oh, haha, that'll cause you a couple problems, hey?", (a manager later taped it up for him and apologized on behalf of the clerk) he rudely interrupted one of the girls when she was trying to talk to him, by putting his hand up and loudly shushing her, then talking himself. She hadn't even interrupted him to begin with, it wasn't like he was already talking.

I had a few errands to run once I checked in, so I had to head up and down the elevator about 5 different times. This hotel requires you to have a room key to even use the elevator, you insert the key, press the button. Each time, the key wouldn't work on the elevator for me. I'd try about 30 times, then finally each time someone else walked in and used theirs for me.

Heading up on the 6th time, I decided not to even bother with the elevator, and approached the front clerk:

Me: Excuse me, I'm having a little problem with this.. my key pass works for my room just fine, but I've tried using it a lot on the elevator and it hasn't worked once, could I get a new one please?
Him *like I'm an idiot*: Uh, you have to SWIPE the key pass, then PRESS your floor button.
Me: Yes sir, that's just what I did, in fact I tried it about 30 different times each time I tried going up to my room, which is about 5 times now, and it hasn't worked once. Each time someone else let me up.
Him: Well if it works in your room, it HAS to work on the elevator.
Me: Well, it doesn't..
Him *interrupting*: Yes, it does. If it works on the room, it works on the elevator.
Me: Well.. I've tried several times. It's not that it's being picky and taking a while, it's that it's not working, at all.
Him: *big huge sigh*

He re-did my same key pass without giving me a new one, and told me to try it. I stood in the elevator for about 15 swipes and it finally went through.

After not having a too-good experience with him myself, and hearing how he treated my coworkers, when leaving I filled out the customer forms they give you to rate your service. I rated most things at excellent, because they were. I rated the front desk service, at the middle, which was "Neither Satisfactory, nor Unsatisfactory".

Upon checking out, the front clerk read through it all right in front of me before even processing my checkout, then started berating me about why I didn't give him an excellent. I didn't want to start a conflict, so I just said "Uh.. if you really feel that passionate about it, I can change it just for you?", and he said yes, so I did.

But I'm totally writing the manager of the hotel now that I'm back. What's the point of the damn comment forms if you can't even be honest on them without hotel employees yelling at you to change it?

The rest of the hotel was just lovely, though.
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