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And it goes on and on...

OK, so to recap see these earlier entries:

We have waited patiently for over a month to receive the remainder of the money owed to us. We have received nothing from Amacon Property Management. AT ALL.

I called their offices today. The receptionist answered the phone with "Yeah, hello". I asked if this was Amacon Property Management and she said yes (why she didn't answer the phone properly, I have no idea). I asked to speak with someone who would know about the monetary order and she put me through to someone. Of course I got their voice mail. I left a message stating that they had been served with the order to pay over a month ago and that I did not want to have to go to Small Claims Court but I would if we didn't receive our money (in BC the only way to enforce a ruling by the Residential Tenancy Office is through Small Claims Court). I left her my number and asked her to call me back so we could resolve this matter.

I think that 30+ days is a completely reasonable amount of time for this company to comply with the monetary order - it IS legally binding after all. Although they have not shown a willingness to comply reasonably with us at all; so I don't know why I am still suprised at their arrogance.
Now I have to contact the tenancy office again to find out if Amacon Property Management has applied for a review of the case. If they haven't then I have to file a claim in Provincial Court to get our money.
If this is going to court I am SO charging them interest, lost wages, filing fees, and anything else I can possibly think of. I am NOT a happy camper.

Again - DO NOT rent from this company!!!!!

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