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plumbing woes

i don't very often post here just because i don't get this kind of stuff done every week but i feel the need to vent and ask advice.

my parents own the property i live on--a double wide trailer on its own lot (yard etc). i believe it is abt 15-20 years old but all in all, great condition. the tub in the master bathroom cracked abt a month ago or so so the parents paid for the local plumbing service (i'll call them Red C Co.) to install a new tub--to the tune of $1300.

the first time was an all dayer. i paid bills, went to a baby shower for a coworker's daughter, visited a friend. i get home--and it was only half done. the TUB was in but they hadn't finished with the walling pieces (the frame i guess you could call it). they hadn't had a miter saw. so they did that the next day. my dad (who came and stayed cuz i had to work) left me a note saying "do not use for 24 hours--let caulk dry". okay no brainer. i actually waited 36. day one went by--used the other tub. day two--i took a shower the second morning after before work. worked great. went to work. came home. wanted to soak in new tub. had a nice soak. i get out--and see some water on the floor. i knew i hadn't splashed it (i'm not my three old nephew after all!) so that gave me cause to worry. i looked at the wall near the edge of the tub (by the faucet) and saw that the "wallpaper" looked grayish. X.x

open the cabinet/pantry (place for towels, sheets, extra bathroom stuff) and there was a PUDDLE in there!

the parents are furious. i'm furious. Red C Co. is here now trying to figure out what went wrong--obviously a leaking pipe :growl:

there is the rant--this is my question. when i first saw this i was concerned for my water bill. my mother is the one who brought up the possibility of mold due to the fact that the walls in there (and the other bathroom--it leaked through that connecting wall!) are really just glorified pasteboard. no insurance company in our area will offer mold insurance so that is not on our coverage. if this causes mold, is there some way Red C Co. can be held responsible for damages due to the fact that THEIR half-assed workmanship has soaked the insides of my walls?

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