kallell (kallell) wrote in bad_service,

I hate Telemarketers

Now I am empathic for the people who have the job, but the companies, the idea, and the ones who use damn machines, I Loathe.

I get this recording today that sounds like its a person till i hear press 1 to discuss further. Now I dont know if its a call for my business or personal, but either way I want to be put on their "DNC" List.
So there is no option but "press 1" so I do so.

The woman who answers gives no hi, hello, my name is , who am i speaking with just

Telebitch: "Do you have more then x amount in credit debt?"
Me: No, I just want to be placed on . . .
Telebitch: I see *click*
Phone: *Dialtone*

I am polite to TM callers until they disrespect me or inturrupt me or just wont take no, half these callers will not take a request to add me to a do not call list and hang up like this woman did.

Company was listed on the caller ID as:GTI 734-298-7803
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