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Some college bad_service woes I'm having, here.

There are different meal plans on campus, that'll let you eat at different places and giving you Dining Dollars, or cash you can spend in the school store, at food places, etc. The plans are A, B, C, D, and E. C is my personal choice, it'll let you eat anywhere on campus and gives you lots of Dining money. You don't get a lot of meals, but it's okay because at school I don't eat a lot of meals anyway.

So that's the back story. When I sent my application in, I marked that I'd like C plan. I was accidentally put in A. No big deal, I called the office and asked them to switch me. They did.

For a day. Then I was mysteriously switched back to A. The A plan is very inexpensive, is accepted only in one place on campus and has very few Dining Dollars - the place on campus where it's accepted is nowhere near my dorm or any of my classes. If I'm on A plan, I can honestly say I'll never eat.

I called again. I explained what'd happened and the woman rushed me off the phone, saying "You're all set." and hanging up before I could confirm it. Lo and behold, I (yet again) don't have the right meal plan. Still.

For god's sake, college. It's not that difficult, and I would like to eat.
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