barncat98040 (barncat98040) wrote in bad_service,

Fine, this isn't really bad service, just a Huh? moment.

I ordered a camera case from It is a rather small case. Well, after a week and a half of wondering just where it went, I trekked over to my school's mail room and asked. It took a it of searching, but it was finally found. Sitting on the shelf with the rest of the large packages.

Yes, whoever had packed my small camera case had put it in a box that was 2'x1'x1'. A VERY big box. I opened it up in front of the mail guy, since he can take the boxes and recycle/reuse them, and we both looked at each other when i reached in and pulled out my camera case, with the same exact thoughts of "what...the...heck."

But, I mean, jeez. Why waste all that least they don't use styrofoam peanuts.
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