Tilly (geeksicle) wrote in bad_service,

Taxi service times - bad service or not?

This is more a question that a rant - I want to know if people agree with me here. I don't drive, and the bus service where I live is shaky, so I catch cabs fairly frequently. One thing I've noticed recently is that when they tell me an estimated time of arrival for the cab, it's usually there a lot sooner. For example this morning I called for a cab and was told it would be 10 to 15 minutes, so I ducked into a nearby store to buy a bottle of water, because I knew that wouldn't take anywhere near 10 minutes. While I was making my purchase the cab showed up - I left the store just in time to see the driver leaving because he hadn't seen a passenger waiting. I realise that they probably tell you a longer wait time so that they don't go over the estimate, but if the drivers are only going to wait for a minute before leaving shouldn't they try to be accurate in case you decide to use the bathroom or something before the cab shows up?
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