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H&R Block sucks!

Ok, I admit, I did not file taxes in 2004 but uh its not like I owed anything. So thing year, I got my W-2s nice and early and called up my local H&R Block which is located inside a Sears Essentials. When I called, the person who answered spoke little english but seemed to understand when I explaned that I needed to file for 2004 AND 2005. I also asked to have the most experienced person. I was referred to Alma. I specifcally asked if Alma, had worked for H&R Block before this tax season and was tol yes, for 2 yrs now..implying this was her 2rd yr doing taxes with H&R Block. I made the appointment for 10:20am Saturday. (today)

I have had H&R Block do my taxes since my first job...lets just say it was a long time ago. In the past, I have gotten a reminder call about my appointment; not this time.

Anyway, this morning, I go on over to Sears and get told that they do not open until 11:00. Ok then maybe I wrote it down wrong, 11:30. No biggie reeally, I have an errand to run.

When I get back at 11:15, still no one is there. I wander around but I could see the area. Finally, Alma shows up at 11:45. I walk over and let her i thought I had a 19:30 am appt but maybe it was 11:30, could she check her appt book. She basically in spanglish tells me its ok, she will do it now and apologizes for her bad english but someone else is also supposed to show up.

Through much basic english and wiritng of years, I let her know that I need 2004 AND 2005 done. She tells me it no problem.

I should have left then. The other rep shows up and her english is not much better. BTW, they speak spanish, I live in southern california. Everyone but me speaks spanish.

She had trouble entering my basic w-2 for 2005 but really, its a new office and new software. I gave her some empathy.
When it came to my 2004 return,I had 5 W-2s, unemployment and a 1099-misc form. (yeah well I did a lot of temp work that year) All simple shit right? Not for this lady. Every error she got, I had to point out to her. She called her "supervisor" on the phone at least 5 times and asked the other rep for help. By this time I had been there 2 hrs. 

When it came to entering the 1099 she freaked. She could not find the right form within the software. Kept telling me it had to be entered as a schedule c, itemized business. Uh no. its just extra income. Its not itemized. She calls her supervisor again and hands me the phone. The supervisor has such a thick accent and is talking so fast I can only tell that she is telling me that I am wrong and it MUST be a schedule C. I have had 1099s before, its not.

Alma is crying, the supervisor is screaming...yes screaming at me to just leave and go someplace else then, I have a headache and am pissed but pretty damn calm.

The other rep, takes the phone and hangs up on the supervisor and calls a different H&R Block location (less than a mile away that I should have gone to but remember I asked for someone with experience). They said they would come over and be there in 10 minutes. Remember I got there at 11:15, its now 1:30.

I go outside to smoke and calm down as I wait for this guy. He shows up about 20 minutes later and I meet him and another guy as they hit the front door of sears. He looks like a damn CPA, blue pin stiped shirt with the white collar, tie, and a badge. I explain the situation in like 2 minutes. he apologizes, and goes inside. Enters the info onto line 21 (extra income) and tells the girl she needs to re-read her manual.

So then it come times to pay. I give them my credit card but the modem isn't connected. Fine, I write a check..nope their check scanner doesn't work and of course neither of them know the number to get verbal auth. Finally they just enter my payment as cash so I can have a reciept.

I am calling their regional manager first thing Monday morning. They a) need someone who speaks english b) needs someone with experience and c) need a clue.


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