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Okay. Now, I'm going to say the part that's my fault, first: I broke my cell phone. I'd had it only a month and it was accidentally slammed in a car door. It was a complete accident, the display screen broke and the battery won't hold a charge for more than a day now, but you can still make calls and stuff on it. This is completely my fault, I'm clumsy and silly.

Called Sprint to see if there was anything to be done, if I'd have to get it repaired or if they could replace it. The first woman I spoke with said yes, they would send a new unit out to us and a kit to send the damaged one back. This seemed too good to be true, really. It was.

Weeks passed. Finally called back. The next woman I spoke with said that she saw the notation on the account where someone spoke with me about sending a new phone out, but nothing had been done about it, and that's not their policy anyway. They had to send the kit out, and recieve the damaged phone, before they'd send a new one. I was slightly miffed about the discrepancies in information, but I just said okay, to send the kit out. She said it'd be 5-7 days.

A week passed. I called again today, spoke with a man who checked the account - "I see a few notes here that you called, but I'm not seeing any record of anything being sent out to you."

What, do you think I'm just lonely and call to TALK to CSR's about my poor broken phone? Is that something people do?

He said they'd rush it out. 3 business days.

I'm cautiously optimistic.
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