Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I don't think I've ever been jerked around by a company as much as when I went in to best buy to pick up my laptop, as mentioned
here and here. They finally called and told me to pick it up, so I went to the back of the store where my friendly geek squad is located. They told me that it would be at customer service, which I usually try to avoid because ex-coworker from hell now works there.

And guess who was working that day! And guess who got to help me! Well she said it was in the back room, and went back there and asked the guy to get it for me. I stand at the counter for several very long minutes and then she goes back again and apparently the guy had previously gone on lunch break. So she calls a different department to have someone go back there and dig up my computer. Nobody comes. Another girl sends a store-wide PA for someone to come up and help me, and nobody does.

I end up waiting out the guy on break while standing at the customer service desk watching people try to sell horrible service plans. They have one called the debt-cancellation plan, where if a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake were to come about and destroy their giant TV, it would cancle out however much they still owed on it. So basically you're hoping that something terrible happens to your house in the next 2-3 years. Around here, that ain't too likely. We're on high ground so no chance of flooding, and the last earthquake we had was several years ago, and most of the people who were awake for it didn't even notice it. We aren't prone to natural disasters.

Anyway, The guy finally comes back from lunch, and looks me up in the computer by name.

Guy: Your machine hasn't arrived yet.
Me: The guys back there said it was up here.
Guy: It's not in the computer.
Me: They called me and told me it was in (panic!)
Guy: I'll go double check.
Guy ::comes back with my beautiful piece of machinery::
Guy: It says here it wasn't fixed.
Me: Wha-WHAT?
Guy: It may or may not be fixed. If you have any problems, call us. (Luckily he didn't tell me that the number was on the website. Har har.)

So I have my machine back and in full working order. I do have a few gripes though. They told me they would salvage as much data as was possible. Apparently it was only possible to salvage a whopping 0%. Luckily I had backups of all my super-important files such as my pictures which I value highly, but it's a pain having to start from scratch all over again.

Another gripe is I got a $1500 piece of metal on just my name. Nobody in the store asked for any sort of identification, and the only additional data I gave was my phone number to the geek squad, who weren't even the people with my laptop. I'm also not the person the laptop's registered to, it says Jim, I'm Jenny. I don't look very much like a Jim, either. I work at hollywood video and we don't even go by phone number on a $15 movie! Who wants to bet that if someone had stolen my laptop, I wouldn't get a replacement?
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