Pav (pavlovskitty) wrote in bad_service,

Walmart Self Checkout Hell

Night before last, against my better judgement, I hit Walmart after work. I had two prescriptions to pick up, and a handful of groceries. With my prior years of grocery checkout, and impending anxiety attack being there at that time of day, with two hungry kids, one of whom needs to potty, I head to the self-checkout lanes.

The customers directly ahead of me start their order right as I get behind her. She wasn't taking her time, but she also wasn't as desperate as I was to get out of there. After about five minutes, she holds up a twenty and looks over at the employee supervising the self-checkout lanes, who waves her over.

So I get to the checkout, and see two hand-written notes, one on the screen, and one over the cash spot, saying, NO CASH. I could NOT see them from the end of the conveyor. I only have cash on me, but think, screw this, the employee just took that woman's cash so she can take mine too.

We get to the prescriptions, and the machine gets cranky. It gives an error message, saying put item aside. I finish everything else, and motion to the employee. Now there's another error message, a different one. I finally catch the employee's attention, and she waves to me to come there.

Then proceeds to tell with me that the error was because I had cash. That's funny, because I hadn't even gotten to that part yet. I say, no, the first error was at the prescriptions. We go rounds, and she finally rings in my prescriptions. She gives me a total, and I pay her cash. As I start to walk away, it hits me that the total she gave me was only for the prescriptions, not for the groceries. About the same time, she calls me back. She tells me I told her I paid for the groceries already - I tell her no, I told you there wasn't an error on the groceries. So she brings up my order again, and gives me a total to pay that included the prescriptions I just paid for. I tell her, no, I'm not paying for the prescriptions again, and ask for the balance. She can't get it, so she calls a manager.

Twelve minutes later - I kid you not - the manager comes over. And he says he can't touch the register because it's hers. Meanwhile, she's running around like crazy because a second self-check register is also not accepting cash, but again, you can't tell until you get upon it. The manager gets the employee back, and she decides in the meantime, WHILE the manager and I are there, that she needs to handle THREE other customers. He finally gets her to bring up my order, and then starts to finish out a FOURTH customer, but ohnos, it's my order she's adding the guy's gift certificate to. But what's interesting, is before she added the gift certificate to my order, it came up with the balance, without the prescriptions. Finally the manager said, Just cash it out!

I kinda felt bad for the manager - he said he was pretty new and not that familiar with the self-check registers. I told him that I understand that they were busy, but he should advise his employee to keep her attitude in check.

Ok, so today it doesn't seem as insane as it did then. But I feel better just getting it out. Total time in self-checkout: 21 minutes.
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