creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Laughable...but not if you're the owner. (edited)

I have been checking out the online listings for homes in my area of the city. I came across the following listing and busted up laughing. Who in their right mind would hire this realtor?

"Invester Alert.if you want to invest here you go. or If
you want to live up and rent down sure you can with 2
bed rooms m.i.l. illegal suite with seperated entrance.
new stuco . vacunt and ready for your imediate
poss.this is the only opportunity for you. Quit street
and very close to every thinh .All meas tbv by the
buyer agent.hurry won't last at this price.Please
show it and get on offer.go direct with no cbs. "

The spelling, punctuation and grammar makes a person wonder if this guy knows what he's doing.

EDIT: If you want to see the listing:
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