Draven (draven79) wrote in bad_service,

A little advice please...

I placed an order with Chapters on Jan 9th. They ship orders out as each piece is available instead of all at once. I have received everything (2 books) but Flight of the Navigator (DVD) as expected. When I ordered it was 24.99 and availability was listed as ships within 1-2 weeks. On Jan 24th I received an e-mail telling me that it had to be backordered.

"We expect to receive stock of this item(s) within two weeks; we will ship your item(s) as soon as we receive it"

Since that was during the two weeks it was expected to take it does not bother me. Also in the e-mail it states:

"Please note: should we be unable to source your item(s) within this time frame we will cancel this item(s) from your order. Please rest assured; any remaining item(s) in your order will not be affected.

If you would prefer to cancel your order now, you may do so online via your Online Account"

So far so good. I decided to go and look tonight and see if they had changed the availability. They have. As well as the price. It is now selling for 16.99 and is listed as not yet available. It lists the release date as Feb 2006. To me it looks like as soon as it gets 'released' they will ship it to me at the original price of 24.99 Should I wait and see what they do about it or should I e-mail them. I started to write one but thought that maybe I am just over reacting and should wait to see if I receive an e-mail.

This is what I typed so far and I need an opinion on it. Should I change it or does it look okay?

On Jan 9th I placed my order for Flight of the Navigator. At the time it was 24.99 and listed as available for shipping within 1-2 weeks. I received an e-mail on Jan 24th letting me know that the movie had to be backordered and will be shipped as soon as possible. It is however now listed as being 16.99 and not yet released.

I would like to know if I should cancel my order and place it over again in order to receive the lower price or if my account can be credited the difference as it seems to me that when it is 'released' is when it will ship to me.
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